December 4, 2017 Donald Scarinci

Last Christmas, it was almost impossible to purchase a tripod from Really Right Stuff (RRS). By the time the holidays came, the company had sold out of most of its popular products. Thankfully, the company appears to have better prepared for the holiday rush this time around. If you have a photographer on your list or are looking to buy yourself a present, all of RRS’ tripods are currently available to purchase. It’s not totally surprising that Really Right Stuff was unable to keep up with demand last holiday season. The company manufactures some of the best tripods on the…

March 19, 2012 Donald Scarinci 14328Comment

The search for the right tripod and ballhead is a rite of passage for photographers. Eventually you meet someone who puts his arm on your shoulder with compassion and looks at you with the experienced eyes of someone who shares your pain. With that consoling sound in their voice as if saying, “I know what you are going through,” they tell you about Really Right Stuff. Really Right Stuff is probably one of the best kept secrets in photography. It is the pro photographer’s secret ingredient that isn’t shared until you’ve reached a certain level of proficiency with your camera….