An iPad is a Photographer’s Best Assistant

October 14, 2013 Donald Scarinci 0Comment

For photographers who often need to make choices about what gear to put in their bag and even what bag to take when they are out taking pictures or traveling, there is little room left for books. However, an Apple iPad that weighs less than a pound is a photographer’s assistant and a smart choice for travel.

An iPad is a Photographer’s Best Assistant

In addition to the many useful photography apps that are available for iPads, ranging from a depth of field calculator, a paperless model release form, and a photo storage device and portfolio, the iPad is an excellent way to carry around your library of photography books. Just about every book is available as a Kindle edition or as an iBook edition, usually for almost half the price of the print edition.

I like having my Rocky nook reference books with me like Darrell Young’s, Mastering the Nikon D800. With my iPad, I always have access to my annotations in Joe McNally’s, The Moment it Clicks, and Scott Kelby’s series on Digital photography.

The iPad is great for magazines too. I subscribe to Shutterbug, American Photo,  Digital Photo and Focus, which is not even available any longer in hard copy. Since the magazines are always with me and always current simply by downloading them, I find that I have become a more regular reader.

It wasn’t long after I bought my iPad that I let all of my print magazine subscriptions lapse and switched to electronic magazines. Not only am I saving trees and basement storage space, but it is great to always have my back issues with me. When I bookmark an article or picture it is very easy to find it without rummaging through a bunch of magazines.

The iPad Mini is even more convenient to carry around when space is tight. However, the extra size of the original iPad is easier on the eyes. It is smaller than a laptop weighing in at less than a pound. In terms of bulk, it is smaller and lighter than packing the print version of Bryan Peterson’s latest edition of Understanding Exposure.

Most photo bags have an obligatory slot for a laptop, but unless you’ve got a small laptop, it is a tight fit in most bags. However, the iPad always fits in a camera bag and it only adds an extra pound of weight.

For its weight, price and utility, the iPad is high on the list of a photographer’s “must have” list.

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