Nikon Lenses to Wish For

November 16, 2015 Donald Scarinci 0Comment

Now that Nikon has refreshed the classic 24-70 f./2.8 and included VR, what other Nikon lenses do photographers want most?

Sigma has been catching up to the quality of Nikon optics. Many consider the new art series Sigma 35mm and 50mm prime lenses superior to their Nikon equivalents. Perhaps a good way to approach the “what next” question for Nikon would be to anticipate Sigma.

Nikon Lens to wish for

Nikon has a hit with the new technology they are using in the 300mm f./4 lens VR2 recently released. This could become a line of fixed lenses—400mm; 500mm and 600mm. Even if the focal length needs to become variable f/4—5.6, smaller size, lighter weight and less expensive long lenses would have a market.

Macro is another area that could use a refresh from Nikon. The 100mm f./2.8 Macro needs vibration control when in Macro mode. The VR in the current lens does not support macro mode. Many photographers have gravitated toward the Tokina 100mm f./2.8 VR macro because it has VR, because the optics are competitive if not better than Nikon in this lens, and because it is half the price of the Nikon 100mm Macro.

It might be a good idea for Nikon to produce a new 180mm f./2.8 VR macro or a 200mm f./2.8 VR macro before Sigma refreshes their equivalent lens. The long focal length is important for photographing small living things, especially things that bite!

Nikon has never made a good ring flash for macro photography. The flash kit consisting of two small flash units and a ring attachment for the lens has become rather dated. It certainly would be nice if 2016 could become the year of Nikon Macro.

Nikon’s 16-35mm f./4 VR2 lens has always been a favorite of mine. While the 14-24mm f./2.8 is certainly the superior optics, the bulb sha35-100mm f./4 VR 2pe of that lens does not allow any protective filter. Therefore, the 16-35mm f./4 VR2 is the better choice for most travel or photography in sandy, wet and dirty locations. A 35-100mm f./4 VR 2 always seemed like a logical sequel to the 16-35mm f./4 VR2, but Nikon never made one.

If Nikon does continue the 16-35mm f./4 VR2 line of lenses, perhaps a third lens like a 100-400 f./4 VR2 would make sense. That would create a new trinity of Nikon lenses with the best VR on the market and great Nikon optics.