Three Photo Apps You Should Download Today

December 2, 2013 Donald Scarinci 33Comment

There are currently more than one million applications, or “apps,” available on Apple’s online storefront. Thousands of them promise to make your photographs look like works by Ansel Adams or Annie Liebovitz.

Three Photo Apps You Should Download Today

So which apps are actually worth downloading? Below are three that actually live up to the hype:

Camera Plus Pro: The Camera Plus Pro application is a comprehensive update to your iPhone camera, which costs only $1.99. Some of the most useful features include a timer, anti-shake, focus lock, and gridlines. You can also touch anywhere on the phone screen to take a picture. When it comes to editing, the app allows you to crop photos, adjust brightness, contrast, saturation, and apply filters. As Macworld raves, “the app delivers an impressive set of features that does it all.”  I use this app in place of the camera app that came with my iphone.

Depth of Field Calculator: The Depth of Field Calculator application allows photographers to quickly calculate the near and far distances of acceptable focus. The user simply types in the distance to the subject, the focal length being used, and the f-stop. The app then determines the near and far distances of acceptable focus, otherwise known as the depth of field. The application works with nearly all cameras and costs only $0.99.  This app is a solid alternative to the cardboard depth of field calculator I used to carry in my camera bag.  I threw it out.

Lightmeter: The Lightmeter application is a great way to always assure that you have a light meter with you.  While it is certainly no substitute for a $300 Sekonic Litemaster Pro or even for a less expensive dedicated light meter, this little app assures that you always have a tool on hand to second guess your camera’s built in light meter when the need arises.  This inexpensive app is calibrated with a professional high-precision illuminometer and provides very high accuracy of measurement. The app is definitely worth the $1.99 download charge.

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